• Gabby Mastroianni

The Ultimate Valentines Gift

When we hear Valentines Day we think of chocolates, hearts and red roses. And you'd be right! Valentines Day is all about sharing the love with chocolates, hearts and lots and lots of roses!

Giving flowers this Valentines Day is a wonderful gift, but why just stop at one? One bunch. One day.

Why not spoil your loved one with a flower a day, everyday, from your very own garden! It's more personalised, special and romantic! And you're sure to get kisses like this if you do!

Wake up each morning to the sweet smell of gardenias. Decorate your home entrance with rows of tulips, lavender and daisies. Make your significant other smile with potted sunflowers and beautiful orchids.

Give her a loving red rose everyday from your very own rose bush!

Customise and grow your own dazzling flora wonderland in your home garden and become immersed in love, life and beauty everyday! Continue the love even after February 14th and watch your love blossom and bloom each new season!

It's the perfect gift to give this Valentines Day!

So I've convinced you that a Valentines garden is better than a single rose. But now you're wondering how on earth you're going to start?!

With soil!

Specifically Clean & Green Organics Garden Mix!

Clean & Green Organics' 100% recycled organic Garden Mix has all the essential nutrients and love your garden needs to blossom, bloom and grow! It's perfect for planting most kinds of flowers and will make sure the plant is well looked after!

Using Clean & Green Organics Soil Conditioner as a base layer before applying Garden Mix will ensure the soil structure and plant roots stay strong and healthy too!

Once you have your soil the rest is pretty simple. Head down to your local nursery and grab your favourite flowers and add them into your Garden Mix at home. Water thoroughly and give your new plants lots of TLC daily and there you have it, your very own Valentines Garden!

For soil enquiries email our admin at solutions@cleangreenorganics.com.au or send an online enquiry on our website at www.cleangreenrecycling.com.au

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