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Sustainable Summer!

Summer edition! You can find this in Summer 2020 Newsletter Edition only on our website!

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Here are 10 ways we can be more sustainable this Summer!

1. Grow your own Fruit & Veg in your Garden:

Using Clean & Green Soil Conditioner you can have your seedlings sprouting in just a few weeks!*

*depends which seedlings you plant, follow the planting guides on the seed packets!

2. Ride your bike to the pool or beach:

Save yourself the cost of fuel and get some exercise in the sunshine!

3. Reuse Water Bottles:

Stay hydrated this summer and reuse your water bottles! Save our oceans and minimise plastic waste going to landfill!

4. Let in the Natural Light:

Save on electricity and open the blinds, let the natural light pour into your home and give it that warm summer glow!

5. Sun Dry your clothes:

Hang your clothes on the line instead of using the dryer. Save yourself some money in the process. The sun will dry them quicker anyway!

6. Say No to Plastic Waste:

Use reusable cutlery at your summer bbq, camping trip or picnic in the park to reduce plastic waste going to landfill!

7. Get Indoor Plants:

Purify the air in your home naturally with indoor pot plants. Need soil? Clean & Green Organics have got you covered!

8. Use a Water Irrigation System:

Automatically watering your garden for you, an irrigation system will save you time and money, but more importantly, save Australia's precious water!

9. Make a Breezy Change:

Open a window and let the natural summer breezes cool you down! Save a little electricity while you're at it!

10. Plant natives in your garden!

Aussie natives use less water than other plants and they look spectacular! Support our natural wildlife and grow some natives in your garden!

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