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Staying Sustainable this Easter!

Like Christmas, Easter is the time we get together with the family, celebrate and splurge on lots of food for everyone!

Staying sustainable this Easter means being smart with our shopping and crafty with our leftovers!

Here are some top tips for how we can stay sustainable this Easter season!

1. Make a Shopping List and Stick to it!

Plan your meals before you start shopping and don’t shop when you’re hungry - your eyes are bigger than your stomach! Shopping with a list helps reduce grocery bills too since you won’t be accidentally over-buying!

2. Save leftovers!

Save your leftovers for weekday school or work lunches, or as dinner the next night! If you’re fridge is too full, give away your leftovers to your friends and family for them to enjoy!

3. Compost what can be Composted!

Whether cooked or uncooked, recycle as much of your food as you can to minimise organic food waste ending up in landfill!

Separate your fruits and veggies, breads, pasta and rice dishes, eggs and egg-based desserts and add these to your compost bin!

Be careful, not all foods can be composted! Meats, fish, dairy, and artifical sugars, like chocolate easter eggs, cannot be composted so discard these into your general bin instead.

There you have it, our top tips to stay food sustainable this Easter time!

Every contribution you make, takes us one step closer to reducing food waste in landfills, and improving our environment, economy and community!

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