• Gabby Mastroianni

Dirty Talk.... with Worms!

To celebrate our unofficial official Worm Appreciation Week this week, the Clean & Green team are sharing the inside scoop on how we worm farm at our composting facility!

Our compost worms create high-quality vermicompost product - excellent for improving soil structures, improving soil water retention and enriching the soil with more worms! Worms are an essential part of the circle of life and are so important to plant growth, regeneration and composting!

Step 1: Measuring Moisture & pH gauges

Step 2: Recording Results to track worm development & progress

Step 3: Feeding our hungry Worms!

Worms can eat up to 75% of their body weight every day!

Step 4: Testing the temperature of the soil in our worm beds.

Compost worms like comfortable temperatures of around 20 - 25 degrees!

Check out our worms munching through some pumpkin! (or what's left of it anyway...)

Aren't our worms cute?!


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