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Composting! How does it Work?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Composting is nature’s best recycling method for organic waste streams including food, wood, leaves, juices, and even some animal manures. With the help of earth worms, composting means organic waste can be recycled into nutrient-rich organic soils, which will help grow more food and plants in future!

Let's demonstrate using the Apple to Apple concept:

Here’s a closer look at the Apple to Apple concept of composting! The decomposition of an old apple, known as waste, to organic soil via composting processes is achieved over several weeks.

From the fresh organic soil created, a new nutrient-rich and organic apple will form! The fruit will grow over its natural course, so be patient! Compost soil produces the best results for fruit and veggie growth because of the dense organic matter in the soil!

It's as simple as that!

The Apple to Apple Concept!

Clean & Green Organics

Clean & Green Organics Composts and Soil Conditioners are high-quality, organic and nutrient-rich products which enhance garden health and produce amazing garden results!

Clean & Green Organics is an Australian owned composting facility in Bringelly NSW! Licensed to compost organic waste streams into 100% organic Australian Standard soil and compost products, Clean & Green Organics are passionate about environmental sustainability and creating a circular economy! Contact for enquiries!

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