Clean & Green Organics 

Accept a variety of organic materials.

Contact us for further questions or queries about our accepted incoming materials.     

Accepted Incoming Materials 

Wood Waste

Clean & Green Organics accept untreated wood pellets, red wood, crates. 

We do NOT accept: asbestos, nails, metal, or building gyprock.* 

Food Waste

Clean & Green Organics accept organic food waste including: vegetables, fruit, peelings, cereals, wheat, breads, coffee grounds, egg shells, and juice.

We do NOT accept: animal meats, fish, animal bones, plastic wrapped foods, or milk.*

Animal Manure

Clean & Green Organics accept farm animal manures, rabbit/hamster bedding, and hay.

We do NOT accept: pet droppings or human faeces.*

Green Waste

Clean & Green Organics accept organic green waste such as: leaves, weeds, bark, tree clippings, and other flora.

We do NOT accept: pot plants, plastic plants, or wheelbarrows.*

*Clean & Green Organics Pty Ltd does not accept these materials marked above as per our composting and site licenses. If any incoming materials comprise of materials listed as non-accepted they will be reloaded and a fine to the driver will be issued.

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