We are passionate about providing sustainable solutions for businesses and their waste problems.

This our driving motivation!


Continually researching and developing new technologies 

and methods to resolve waste

 issues and create a circular economy.


We are an Australian owned and operating business, keeping it real by working honestly, ethically and with the highest quality.


Clean & Green Recycling are a highly experienced team with varied backgrounds. Professionals in organic waste management, finance and accounting, and agricultural products.

Our roots stretch 20 years ago, implementing and operating a logistics company. Collecting organic waste from over 120 Woolworth's stores across Australia and composting this into Australian Standard soil conditioner product, bagged back to Woolworth's and Big W stores: our first circular economy! 


With over 20 years experience, Clean & Green Recycling have developed in knowledge and resources in our worm farming and composting sectors, providing more nutrient-rich solutions and soils. Through technologies we are seeking to provide sustainability and opportunity for our environment, communities and future.

Our motivation is to help companies achieve their zero-waste objectives, and preserve our communities and environment.


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Clean & Green composts and soil 

conditioners are certified products of Australia! Clean & Green Recycling is

an Australian owned and operating 

business for over 20 years!

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Best practice recycling solutions for big and small businesses

Find more sustainable solutions to global waste problems

Increase employment in regional Australia areas

Give back to local communities through

organic gardens & education.